Xu CLinic

Xu Clinic

Concentrated Herbal Granules

Preparation instructions


1. Measure out 6 level spoons (measuring spoon included with each prescription, dosage may vary);


2. Place into a teacup and top up with hot water;


3. Stir well, allow to cool down to a comfortable temperature and drink;


4. Female patients need to stop taking herbs during menstruation unless instructed otherwise.




- Can be taken before or after meals unless specified otherwise by the herbalist;


- Stop taking the herbs if you develop a new viral infection, cold, flu or stomach upset that is not part of the original presenting symptoms you are being treated for and only resume when all the symptoms have passed;


- Please do not drink tea or coffee within 30mins after taking herbs;


- Always inform your herbalist if you are taking any other medication or starting a new course of antibiotics;


- Please store your herb in a cool, dry place and keep it out of reach of children;


- Consult your herbalist if you are still unsure about how to prepare the medicine.




Chinese herbs have been used safety for centuries. However, as with all medications individuals may be sensitive or have usually reactions. 


If you experience any of the following symptoms:


Severe tiredness, dramatic loss of appetite, diarrhoea, headache, nausea, upper abdominal pain, feeling generally unwell, jaundice, unusually darkened urine or anything else that is not part of the original presenting symptoms you are being treated for - Stop taking the herbs and consult your herbalist. Do not restart the herbs until instructed to do so.


Capsulated herbal medicine is also available with a surcharge if required.