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Ivy Xin Xu took part in a large nationwide study that investigated how non-specific effects (e.g. the therapeutic relationship, patient and practitioner beliefs and attitudes towards the treatment, the clinic environment, and characteristics of the treatment) influence patients' recovery/management of their low back pain. Ivy Xin Xu was a participating practitioner, who introduced the study to eligible patients and gave them patient invitation packs. Ivy Xin Xu also completed treatment follow up questionnaires and liaised with the University of Southampton for the duration of the study. Support from practitioners like Ivy Xin Xu was vital for the success of the study. The research team at the University of Southampton are very grateful for practitioners like Ivy Xin Xu who support research that is important to the improvement of future low back pain treatments.”     

                                                                                                                                                 - MOCAM study coordinator, University of Southampton