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Women's health


I've been having issues with my period for a long time. I had one acupuncture session and also took herbal medicine for about 3 weekss. I can see my symptoms are getting a lot better. What I like most is that Ivy always gives advice on how to maintain good health through good daily lifestyle. And she encourages me to be happy and enjoy life :) - X. Q. Zhong, November 2021


IVF support


I started seeing Ivy as I was about to start my first cycle of IVF.

From the very first consultation I could really tell Ivy knew her stuff, Ivy really took the time to understand not only my main reason for seeking accupunture but also my related medical history and lifestyle.

Ivy is a very pleasant person who puts you at ease from the outset, every appointment was personalised to how I was feeling at the time or where I was in my cycle- no one fits all approach here! Another thing I really appreciated is that Ivy was happy to listen to how I was feeling and offer holistic advice, from diet to exercise and these things really made a difference.

I am very happy to say that after just a couple of sessions I saw an improvement in my digestion, sleep and mood. I also got a positive pregancy test after my first cycle of IVF! - K. F, July 2021



Ulcerative Colitis 


I was diagnosed with digestive issues and started seeing Ivy last year. My general health was not good.  I have made good improvement since seeing Ivy. She is very knowledgeable, attentive and listens. She is very thorough, always seeming to ask the right questions. She reviews and tweaks her treatment with every session.  I would happily recommend. P. R, May 2021


IVF support


I started seeing Ivy in 2020 after trying for a baby for 2 years. I had previously had acupuncture but had no luck. I had weekly treatments with Ivy in the lead up to IVF and during my IVF cycle while it was safe. I am delighted that I am now 13 weeks pregnant after my first IVF cycle! Ivy is wonderful, very calming, understanding and kind and I can't recommend her any higher. A. B, June 2021


Stomach ache 


I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for seeing ... today, he is now totally pain free. So grateful for you seeing him and helping him- he said Ivy has magic healing powers! Thanks again, it's such a relief to see him all better. - Z. K, May 2021


Knee pain


The most amazing experience from Mrs Xu's hands..I used to have a very bad knees pain I had tryed in the past a lot of treatments (pills , antibiotics , physiothepapies) and I spent a lot of money without relief. Mrs Xu was a guest to the hotel that I used to work when in no time she told me that she can relief from pain.It was amazing how her treatment directly worked on me.In few minutes i could move my legs increadibly easily. It's worth just to try one session with her. She is really amazing.Thank you so much Mrs Ivy Xu :)


Welbeing support


I met Ivy for treatment for a mixture of general health concerns, Ivy listen very carefully and was very attentive to my needs and was very empathetic,After a few treatments I could feel an improvement in my well-being and mood...I will continue to see Ivy to improve my health and well-being, and would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.




Ivy is fabulous. I went to see her for issues relating to stress and overall health and wellbeing, which I was having difficulty managing, which was also impacting my asthma. After my first session (actually during) my breathing was easier and I felt much more balanced. After three sessions with Ivy my stress levels and overall health turned around in the most positive way. I'm so thankful that Ivy has helped me - I highly recommend.


Fertility support


I had six weekly sessions with Ivy as I had had some unpleasant hormonal issues. We had a consultation over the phone and she took a thorough medical history. I saw her in clinic for acupuncture and also took some Chinese herbs she prescribed. Ivy is so professional and just makes you feel at ease. She also gave a lot of really helpful tips for diet and lifestyle. I have seen a few acupuncture practitioners over the year but Ivy is someone who really knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for hormonal balance or fertility treatment.


General health support


I suffered from fatigue, breathless, neck, shoulder and lower back pain. After an hour detailed consultation with Ivy, she recommended me to have some herbal medicine and accupuncture to tackle different issues. I now have had the medicine for two weeks and have felt great improvement in quality of sleep and raising energy level. My neck and shoulder losened up after just one accupuncture session with Ivy and have scheduled another session with her already. Throughout the consultation and treatment, Ivy was very friendly, very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation


Digestive issues


I was very lucky to have Ivy's advice when I was feeling really ill. I've been suffering from stomache aches and indigestion for years. Ivy is an experienced Chinese doctor and the medicine she prescribed was fantastic! It arrived promptly and I felt better and better after taking it. Ivy listened carefully and advice me on healthy diet. I would recommend Ivy for everyone!


Shoulder pain


I was recommended to Ivy by a family member because of my very painful shoulder. I had also lost some power in my arm to raise it up. Ivy was very knowledgable about diet and Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture. Within a couple of treatments there was improvement until finally my shoulder was getting back to normal. I can’t think Ivy enough for taking away a very painful episode in my life. Would recommend her without question. Thank you Ivy! 




Having treatment with Ivy has been a great experience. After having to deal for many, many years with several health issues, I have finally seen wonderful improvements on my health. Ivy is very professional and efficient. Her care and follow up have been so fantastic and detailed. I have only good words of appreciation for Ivy. 


Menopausal symptoms


I went to see Ivy initially for night sweats and hot flushes. During my initial consultation, Ivy correctly identified that I was also stressed. The first session was like floating in warm water, so relaxing. After several sessions and some herbs, my treatment has alleviated the sweats and hot flushes and I’m more in control of my stress. For this to work, you need to follow Ivy’s advice; it’s a two-way street. Ivy can ‘re-set’ you but it’s up to you to continue the maintenance! I’d thoroughly recommend acupuncture, it’s not a cure but it really can help. Thanks for all your help and advice Ivy. 


Knee pain


During the previous four years I had an operation on lower back vertebrate and a hip replacement. Arthritis had set in and I was in considerable pain, taking eight paracetamols a day. The only other advice was exercise regularly. Since I had been a teacher of physical education  I am well aware of that. Ivy's approach was centred on the whole body and lifestyle, so that the time spent on dealing with poor circulation improved enormously and I now rarely take any painkillers.


I am pleased to vouch for the improvement of my energy level, clarity of thought and wellbeing in my 90th year, which gives me the opportunity to write this testimonial for a dedicated and hight professional lady.  


Chemotherapy support


I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and wanted to use holistic therapies to aid my recovery from surgery and while undergoing chemotherapy. I’d never had acupuncture before but from my first telephonic contact with Ivy I knew I’d be in very good hands as she answered all my questions in a knowledgeable and open way. My wife accompanied me to my first appointment where we were both impressed by the detailed, methodical way Ivy questioned me about my lifestyle: diet, exercise, sleep, etc. This was the holistic approach we were hoping to find. At every session Ivy took meticulous notes so she and I were able to monitor my progress. I found acupuncture completely painless, deeply relaxing and a great boost to my physical and mental recovery and wellbeing.  I am grateful to have benefitted from Ivy’s highly professional, caring expertise and would recommend her to anyone considering having acupuncture.  


Knee pain


I injured my knee after an extended walk and booked a consultation with Mrs Xu after a family recommendation, The consultation lasted less than an hour and Mrs Xu was able to relieve the muscle pain within the first twenty minutes arrival using her acupuncture technique. I have to admit this was the first time I’d ever used acupuncture so initally I was quite sceptical but now I am completely sold! Now, a couple of days later, the pain has completely gone. Definitely receommend!


General wellbeing improvement 


I met Ivy for treatment for a mixture of general health concerns, Ivy listen very carefully and was very attentive to my needs and was very empathetic. After a few treatments I could feel an improvement in my well-being and mood...I will continue to see Ivy to improve my health and well-being, and would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. Mr Feakins, 16 August 2018  


Rheumatoid arthritis


I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis in my hand, making many simple tasks including writing almost impossible. The joint had swollen and was incredibly painful at times. I'd tried conventional medicine and had many side effects that made me give up on it. I thank my lucky stars that my enlightened GP recommended that I try Chinese herbal medicine and that I then found Ivy. The difference is phenomenal, I'm still having treatment but am virtually pain free, the swelling is gradually disappearing and I just cannot describe how wonderful it is to feel normal again. I would 100% recommend Ivy, and I've learned so many little nuggets of information about healthy eating among other things.Thank you Ivy! 


Leg cramp, muscle pain


Thank  you for the treatment. I came into your surgery an old man could not walk because I ached so much. The acupuncture treatment you gave was fabulous, I became a new person. 




Very happy to recommend - I had collection of unusual issues affecting my sleep for over a decade until Ivy diagnosed me and made suggestions for simple lifestyle alterations. Following her acupuncture session I slept through a night for the first time in more than 12 years. Since making the lifestyle adjustments my sleep patterns have radically improved. 


Digestive disorder  


After weeks of tremendous fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss, stomach cramps, poor sleep and other debilitating symptoms, due to a digestive disorder (indeterminate inflammatory bowel disease) I sought Ivy’s help. 


After the first treatment, I found symptoms such as my energy levels and capacity to sleep, improved immediately.  After five treatments and with Ivy’s good dietary guidance, I am eating well, sleeping better and able to get on with virtually all aspects of ‘normal’ life.  I also feel calmer and more vital.


It’s been remarkable how much the treatment has helped to restore me to a former version of myself.  Ivy is great; not just compassionate but someone who truly listens. 


Fatigue and stress  


I have now had 4 acupuncture sessions with Ivy on a weekly basis. I have already noticed a huge improvement. I am less tiring giving me much more energy for my physical job, I feel a lot less stressed and generally much happier. I have found the whole experience pain free and very relaxing. I feel Ivy listens and pays a lot of attention to my aliments and has therefore concentrated on those areas. I have also recommended her to my friends and family. 


Knee pain  


I have been having acupuncture treatment with Ivy for 6 weeks, having gone to see her in severe knee pain.


My legs, knees & ankles were severely swollen & I was having difficulty walking, my Dr had suggested more pain killers on top of what I was already taking, as I was loathed to take more, I looked for alternative options.


The day I found Ivy’s number was the day my life with knee pain changed for the better.


I have also found that Ivy’s vast knowledge has helped me in other areas of my day to day life, diet & exercise suggestions have helped me to ensure that my knee pain will not become worse & I now know that the option of a knee replacement is no longer an option, acupuncture will now always my 1st choice.


I would highly recommend  acupuncture with Ivy & look forward to July when I will be able to discuss herbal medicine options.


IVF support  


Just letting you know I had a scan yesterday and all is well, 14 weeks today. Fingers crossed all goes well the rest of the term.


Neck pain  


I have arthritis in my neck and had terrible pains shooting up into my head. I decided to try Acupuncture. I came to see Ivy and have had several treatments. She has helped me in many ways not only with my arthritis in my neck but also I suffered with hot flushes and pains in my abdominal. The pain in my neck has improved greatly and is manageable and also my hot flushes have virtually gone and so is the pain in my abdomen. I have found her treatment to also be so relaxing and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. 


Lower back pain 


Pulled lower back muscle after my son was born two years ago, I stopped doing any sort of exercises and did a lot of lot of bending over activities, e.g. changing nappies/wishing his clothes/playing with him/carrying him around. I have recently started doing some exercises which are all fine. Only one day I played basketball and my back was so painful that I could not even walk. I tried ice bag, hot tub and lower back support, they just had limited pain relief and I once thought it could be a disc misallocation and I might not be able to walk again.


Ivy was so helpful and after the consultation she told me not to worry too much, it might just be pulled lower back muscle, it was in fact correct. After one acupuncture session, my back pain was gone and I can hold my son, walk around and starting exercise again! Thanks Ivy! 


Sacrum pain  


I have been practising Japanese Martial Arts for over forty years and have always dealt with injuries or strains with osteopathy. In the last year this has not worked. However, I tried acupuncture for the first time with Ivy Xin Xu and I have been very impressed with the results. Acupuncture will now be my first port of call in the future.


Migraine headache


I starting coming to see Ivy to be treated for regular migraines & jaw issues caused by tension & bad posture.  Immediately I felt that progress was being made, as well as Ivy making me more aware of lifestyle, surroundings, diet changes etc which have also made a significant difference.


The acupuncture, along with heat treatment & cupping has resulted in me having no migraines at all for 6 weeks, as well as other benefits such as better sleeping & feeling more relaxed. The progress has been amazing, & I would recommend acupuncture to anyone now & have in fact recommended it to other family members who have all had similar positive results.


Headache, dizzy spells  


I consulted with Ivy after having experienced several years of headaches and dizzy spells without any obvious cause.


Following a series of acupuncture sessions, these symptoms have reduced considerably and I would not hesitate to return for more treatment if required. 


Back pain & fatigue  


I used to suffer constant back pain and easily feel tired. I enjoyed my appointments with Ivy. It was a relaxing experience. She is a caring and knowledgable practitioner. She is also a good listener. The treatments with her were very helpful.


IVF support  


Thank you Ivy!


I will recommended you to any of my friends looking for acupuncture.


Pregnancy back pain 


Thank you so much for helping with my back pain while I was pregnant! Just to let you know that I gave birth to a baby girl and we named her Ivy weighing 6lb 15oz. 


Hot Flushes  


I first decided to try acupuncture to see if it could help with my menopausal symptoms. I was having very strong, hot flushes during the day (sometimes as many as 1 per hour) and was waking during the night at least 4-5 times with very severe night sweats. My GP had declined to prescribe HRT as I had a family history of breast cancer and I had tried several natural remedies which had helped at first, but then became ineffective. The constant symptoms and lack of sleep were significantly affecting my lifestyle .


I have received 5 sessions of acupuncture with Ivy Xu. I noticed an improvement in the night sweats almost immediately, with the number of times woken in the night reducing to 2-3 times and the severity of the symptoms considerably less.


The daytime flushes have also decreased, both in occurrence and severity. On average the symptoms occur between 5-7 times over a 16 hour period, but are more manageable because they are less severe.


Ivy has also given me advice on diet and has shown me some breathing exercises to help control the symptoms.




The acupuncture treatment I have received from Ivy Xu has been very beneficial in alleviating painful symptoms from arthritis in my spine. Ivy's gentle, calm and competent manner is extremely reassuring, and I have no hesitation in recommending her therapy. 




Prior to acupuncture I was suffering on a daily basis with intense headaches around the crown of my head. After thee first treatment I experienced immediate changes, with the pressures decreasing rapidly and on some occasions becoming non-existent. Also, I believe Ivy's dietary recommendation has contributed to my progression as well. I still suffer with headaches but they are milder and occur less frequently as before. 


Sports injury  


I was a skeptic but now I’m an acupuncture convert. 


I suffered knee ligament injury as a result of a car accident. I’m a keen sportsman (I play football and compete in triathlons), the resulting ligament pain meant I could only do light training. I tried everything - I had physio, I took pain killers, I wore a knee brace; but the persistent irritation remained. After 6 years, a friend recommended I try acupuncture. I had three sessions and miraculously I’ve never had pain in that knee again. I can’t explain it. I have no idea how it worked, but it did. 


Ten years on, I rolled my ankle playing football and, despite doing endless physio, a burning pain defied everything. The reason seemed inexplicable, even an MRI failed to identify the cause. However, I finally went to see Ivy and guess what? Now, having treated it with acupuncture in conjunction with rehabilitative physio, I hope to return to playing this month. My only wish is I’d done it earlier.


I don’t know if somewhere deep inside me a skepticism remains, but I won’t make the same mistake next time. Thank you, Ivy.


Frozen shoulder  


I was hoping to obtain pain relieve for my shoulder and tried acupuncture. It was a very effective treatment. I responded very well and would recommend anyone to give it a try. 


Whiplash injury  


Ivy is an excellent acupuncturist, she is treating me for a whiplash injury, the therapy is not at all painful and my condition has greatly improved.